Club Records!

Largemouth Bass

7.25 lbs.


Don Roesch caught this monster on  August 6, 2011 on Keuka Lake.


He caught it on a 5" Gary Yamamoto Senko in Plum Apple. 

Smallmouth Bass

6.69 lbs.


Scott Gauld caught this pig of a smallie on May 13, 1995 on Lake Erie


He was throwing a 3/8oz Chartreusse Tube Jig

Biggest Bag

22.27 lbs. 

Biggest on record since 2011.

Sean Firkins caught this huge smallmouth limit on Lake Erie during Lake Erie/Niagara river club tournament on 8/10/13.

Sean caught most of his fish on a green pumpkin shad shaped worm on a dropshot. 

Justin Warriner - 7169466514